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There are only a few birthdays that we consider milestones. The 21st birthday is one of those. And for good reason. While a young woman have enjoyed a sweet sixteen it isn’t until your 21st birthday that we are really considered full adults in society. And because of this “coming of age” this birthday needs to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Unlike sweet sixteens where you can have the most diversity including: country rustic invitations, Hollywood or masquerade the selection is much more refined for the 21st birthday. And there is a good reason why.

Since the birthday girl or boy is now considered to be a full adult a certain amount of celebrating is called for.

This usually includes a little bit of alcohol if not a little bit more. After all this is a once in a lifetime celebration. And that is where these invitations come in.

We have plenty of designs that focus on the party aspect of a 21st birthday. These include elegant or silly designs, invitations to take you Las Vegas and back as well as the traditional options for an all around fun night out with your friends.

Because you don’t need to pick out a distinct theme for your party. Your party’s theme is your 21st birthday and you want that to be the focus of the evening.

A rustic birthday is a setting, a 21st birthday is the journey into adulthood that you’ve been waiting patiently for your whole life.

And now it’s time to celebrate.

No matter if you live in the country, big city or somewhere in between its time to get ready for a party that marks one of the largest shifts in your life so far. Its time for you to have a little fun and enjoy your new found privileges.

Because after all your 21st birthday is a once in a lifetime party that you don’t want to miss.

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Here are some of the other 21st birthday invites that didn’t make it onto the top 10 list. This set of trendy birthday invitations gives you a more adult option than the basic versions you’ve used until now. A 21st birthday is a milestone birthday, it represents your transition into adulthood. You are now officially “legal,” and it is time to party.

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Celebrate your first of many girl’s night out with this selection of women’s 21st birth day invitations.

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